I like to think of myself as an accomplished musician.  I’ve traveled the road that a musician travels and felt the excitement, joys, and inspiration that life gives you. I got my start in music at the age of 9 when I started playing the trumpet in the school band.  I was taught music theory for brass instruments and then moved onto percussion instruments.  I would play snare and bass drum in the school band until junior high.  During junior high I started playing the acoustic and electric guitars – later I would purchase a bass and also learn to play the bass guitar.  Fast forward through the years and I would go onto to play in a number of garage and jam bands.

In 1997 I started producing electronic music.  I got my start using the early versions of Acid Pro – a music looping and sequencing application.  I would quickly move onto other DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) – including, Reason, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic, Ableton, and Orion.  Since I’ve gotten my start – I’ve released a number of retail records, free records, and mix tapes and have performed countless live performances across the Midwest and West Coast of the United States.

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Record Labels

  • Elements of Bass Digital
  • Cosmic Voodoo Recordings


  • Malware – Incoming! – EOBDIGI002
  • Malware – Release the Beast – EOBDIGI003
  • Malware & Audio Agent – Return to the Jungle – EOBDIGI004
  • MC Precision & Orb1x – Too Many Humans – EOBDIGI005
  • Cult of Skaro – Cosmic Krunk EP – CVR001
  • Malware – Dodo Waltz EP – CVR003

Example Track Production

Malware – Planet X

Electronic Dance Music – Dubstep

Malware – Ice Cream

Electronic Dance Music – Trap

Malware – Nothings What I Do

Electronic Dance Music – Drum & Bass

Mediks Ft Astronaut – Blown Away – (Malware Remix)

Electronic Dance Music – Drum & Bass

Malware – Solid Rasta

Electronic Dance Music – Drum & Bass

Example Mix Tapes

Malware – Interdimensional Time Travel

My spring 2014 Drum and Bass studio mix.

Malware – Trapped in The Pyramid

My winter 2014 Drum & Bass studio mix.