Ryan Rentfro’s Resume

Address: 34031 La Serena Dr Apt B – Dana Point, CA 92629 Email: rrentfro@gmail.com Phone: 949-201-7451


All my life I have been an achiever–highly driven. My career has been an exciting travel through the world of software engineering, systems engineering, managed services, and creative media.

Along the way I developed the strong leadership and collaboration skills required to be responsive to the evolving demands of customer projects. I enjoy the intricacies of advanced computer systems and acknowledge the paramount importance of strong systems and reliable software applications.

I grew up watching this world evolve and I love being a part of its past, present, and future! Navigating complexities of today’s business world can be daunting but I remain positive, future-focused, and goal-oriented.

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The GDR Group – Lead Programmer

  • Years: 2013 – Current
  • Responsible for overseeing day to day development operations and management of team task prioritizations, development milestones, and project/product deployment.
  • Provide leadership, assistance, guidance, and mentorship to senior and junior level developers.
  • Oversee weekly meetings that report on the status of outstanding projects, upcoming department changes, prospective sales documentation, documentation of systems, provisioning of customer systems, deployment of customer platforms and software systems, and managed roundtable discussions regarding the department and current assignments and projects.
  • Implemented distributed source control systems, project documentation systems, issue tracking systems, digital asset management systems, and testing systems.
  • Created procedures and policies for source code management, digital asset management, product life cycle, development life cycle, customer data management, and workstation data management.
  • Responsible for development and deployment of Cloud Based / Virtualized Linux Infrastructures, deployment procedures, and maintenance procedures using VMWare, vSphere, and various flavors of Linux for customer infrastructure, platform services, software services, and custom built applications.
  • Developed coding standards for HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Git, Schema, as well as general coding standards.
  • Implemented testing procedures, ticketing procedures, issue tracking and resolution procedures, black box testing, grey box testing, and unit testing for software and systems quality assurance.
  • Implementation of SCRUM and Agile methodologies to increase department performance.
  • Provided proposals, quotes, technical documentation, diagrams, reports, and research for customer and internal projects.

Little Brother Ink – Project Manager

  • Years: 2013 – 2014
  • In charge of all aspects of project management from project planning to deployment.
  • Responsible for preparation of proposals and quotes for sales department
  • Design of software user interfaces and page layouts.
  • Design of customizations to 3rd party applications such as WordPress, PHPBB, and other content management web applications.
  • Management of web hosting servers running CentOS, Apache, PHP, Ruby, Python, MySQL.
  • Assisted in sales leads, sales meetings, proposals, quotes, site content, and other administrative and executive responsibilities.
  • Integration of sites with social media services such as facebook, twitter, youtube, google+, linked in, and more services.
  • Assisted in management of social media advertising campaigns.
  • Management of site SEO and content optimizations for customers as well as reporting of related topics to cover to expand on.

KMCIS – Software Engineer

  • Years: 2008 – 2013
  • Developed product and custom code for the CaseAware case management system that is used by Law Firms, corporations, state governments, and Banks across the United States.
  • Developed code under strict legal and internal guidelines to specific standards outlined by the legal industry and state/federal law. All application code was written to very rigorous coding standards and practices outlined by the development team and maintained absolute through the entire application code base.
  • Developed code to ensure Linux and Windows compliance and compatibility with A grade browsers across all desktop systems.
  • Responsible for HLD (High level design) documentation, planning, data dictionaries, and ERD’s (entity relationship models) for customer and internal projects.
  • Participated in all parts of the software product life cycle – development, peer review, versioning, patching, and deployment.
  • Responsible for assisting customers with integration projects from various vendors and service providers utilizing COM, soap, and xml web service interfaces.
  • Assisted and supported customers during the entire life cycle of software ownership.
  • Responsible for systems monitoring, troubleshooting, documentation, and reporting of issues at customer locations.

Jweb New Media Inc – Project Manager / Software Engineer

  • Years: 2006-2008
  • Managed projects from point of client agreement and assisted in planning of technical documentation including functional specifications, sitemaps, object models, and other various planning materials.
  • Software and Application Design to client’s specific needs. Projects ranging from basic CMS systems to full-blown Web 2.0 Applications similar to desktop applications.
  • Implementation of Front-End designs utilizing XHTML, CSS, and extensive amounts of JavaScript.
  • In charge of implementing in-house and 3rd party libraries, frameworks, and modules.
  • Porting of existing legacy software to modern PHP5 ORM and MVC applications.
  • Utilized version control systems, deployment systems, and testing systems on a daily basis.
  • In charge of reporting, tracking, and resolving issues within new and existing software projects that I was tasked with managing.

Nugen Software Inc. – Project Manager / Lead Developer

  • Years: 2002-2006
  • Design of custom web applications utilizing multiple web languages, operating systems, and web technologies.
  • Design of database architecture and functionality for application data storage.
  • Web page layout, graphic design, and interface design. Including UI, component, and object design.
  • Middleware development and integration for web based software applications.
  • Managed security and upkeep of high speed unix based web servers and software level security standardization.
  • Managed all aspects of software product research, design, and development. Including project management, software design, software development, and software deployment.

AT&T Inc – Network Engineer

  • Years: 2001-2002
  • Support and maintenance of the world’s largest and fastest network.
  • Development and management of groupware applications.
  • Migration of @Home network nodes to ATTBI’s new infrastructure.
  • Design of specialized web tools, integrations, and interfaces.
  • Management of ongoing network , server issues, and maintenance.
  • Advanced knowledge of high speed network interfaces, routers, and optical line equipment.

Design Systems Inc – Systems Manager

  • Years: 1999-2001
  • Administrator of Windows NT4 BackOffice networks in central office and satellite locations.
  • Managed all software/hardware research, purchasing, and installation. Interfaced with company vendors and finalized sales.
  • Managed all office equipment maintenance and repairs.
  • Developed and managed company intranet and many custom built software applications ranging from simple engineering tools to dynamic web application integrations.
  • Managed ISO 9001 Certification qualification for all IT outlets.
  • Serviced and installed all hardware ranging from enterprise class servers to network routers and beyond.
  • Installed and managed all licensed software as well as maintained upkeep of all workstations for multiple locations.
  • Assembled custom workstations to production specifications based on individual needs.
  • Intranet development utilizing PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

Web 2001 – Web Developer

  • Years: 1998-1999
  • Complete design of corporate enterprise web sites from the ground up.
  • Graphical design for new sites and updating of existing interfaces.
  • Background programming for web applications and database connectivity.

Personal Projects and Achievements

Midwest Drum and Bass

  • Launched the United States largest website for Drum and Bass music (1999-2003)
  • 45,000+ members, 125,000+ monthly visitors, 5,500,000 page views.
  • Consistent monthly Ad Revenue from Google Ads
  • 200Gb file repository for music, photos, and other related user submitted content.
  • 18Gb database for content management, file management, user/artist profiles.
  • Top 5 ranked internet radio station for genre of music.

Elements of Bass

  • New website for publishing music and events from friends and artists that were involved in Midwest Drum and Bass.
  • 100Gb of file storage containing live recordings, released records, and free music.
  • Leverages new Project Starfish code (details below).
  • Project distributes and accepts content from other users and web/social services.

DNB Radio

  • World’s second largest and most popular online radio station for the genre of music.
  • 650,000+ visitors a month, 12+ million page views per month, radio station averages 280-600+ listeners from around the world.

Rend Framework Software Project

  • Large scale PHP4 application framework for rapid application development.
  • Tools that allowed rapid development of database design and patterns that allowed modular code to be automatically generated for database and functionality abstraction.
  • Secure framework leveraging protection against XSS, SQL injection, and other common web attacks.
  • Many successful applications were launched and developed with this framework for freelance clients as well as commercial clients.

Project Starfish – Open Source PHP5 Framework

  • MVC Hybrid framework built for rapid modular development.
  • 100% PHP5 Object Model code – no procedural code is used at all.
  • Leverages advanced design patterns that allow the application to operate efficiently and only execute and include code required for the modules execution.
  • Leverages Javascript libraries to rapidly develop and deploy javascript object code. Javascript uses the same ideas and models as the modular framework and has AJAX connections to allow communication of components.
  • Pre-Builds content leveraging the Smarty Template Engine.
  • Utilizes CSS and Javascript compiling and streamlining to load internal and external CSS and Javascript as single requests. The template engine compiles CSS required for different modules as well as the base sites CSS so that bloat doesn’t occur and common aspects are cached.
  • Utilizes advanced security and permission system leveraging XML and file/module based security permissions and checks to ensure that execution flow is secure.
  • Easily communicates and integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, and various other web services and social networks. Uses a built in web proxy to allow javascript to communicate with PHP and external services.
  • Sites can self-analyze allowing the software to create indexes of searchable and ranked content.
  • Event system that allows modules to create hooks and listen to what other modules broadcast. This allows other components of the system to take action and load based on the operation of other modules.
  • Automatically manages file management and file classification. Meaning a file fields can be restricted easily to the files they allow to be uploaded. Once a file is uploaded it can be verified that its mime types match the file requirements. Images can also be classified for size and either automatically scaled appropriately or rejected. All images are automatically thumb nailed at defined scales.

Audio Production

  • Fully experienced working as both a producer and engineer.
  • 5 current records released. 1 full album, 4 EP’s available in stores such as itunes, amazon, google play, beatport, and more.
  • Have recorded and produced in commercial recording studios including assisting in the production and finalizing of mix downs.
  • Capable of mastering audio and full understanding of audio dynamics and related science.
  • Have trained other producers and engineers on various software, instruments, and theory/science of music and synthesizers.
  • Have built a number of modular subtractive synthesizers, effects processors, and granular samplers custom developed for my projects.


Sanford Brown College – Programming

  • Computer Programming and Logic Solving
  • Systems Administration
  • Web Development

 Skills and Experience

Programming Languages

  • PHP 4 & PHP 5 (OOP)
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5 / XML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual Basic .Net

Development and Design Tools

  • NuSphere PHPEd
  • Zend Studio
  • Eclipse
  • CVS
  • GIT
  • Subversion
  • ANT Deployment
  • Visual Studio
  • Open Source Compilers
  • Adobe Photoshop 3.x – CS6
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe Bridge / Version Cue

Server Tools and Applications

  • Apache 1.3x, Apache 2, Apache 2.2
  • MySQL 4, MySQL 5
  • mod_security, mod_rewrite, curl, GDlib Imagemagick
  • GitLab / GitHub / Trac
  • Pecl / Pear
  • Virtualmin
  • Webmin

Server Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu Server 12.04 & 14.04 LTS
  • CentOS
  • Redhat Enterprise
  • SuSE Enterprise
  • FreeBSD
  • Solaris
  • OSX
  • Windows Server

Workstation Operation Systems

  • OSX
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Widows 8
  • Ubuntu / XUbuntu

Example Code

I can provide example code and designs upon request.  Contact me at rrentfro@gmail.com